Course requirements and restrictions

Not all courses are open to international visiting students, and within certain fields, few or no courses are offered in English at bachelor's level.

See programmes with restrictions or academic requirements here:




All study fields at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences require a solid academic background within health sciences.

It is only possible to take master’s courses if you have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree.

The following study programmes only accept students from universities, with which they have a programme specific agreement:

  • Dentistry 
  • Dental Hygiene Study 
  • Medicine 
  • Veterinary Medicine

Courses offered by the professional master’s programmes are closed for external students.













Find the specific course requirements for international students for the individual courses at under Sign up.

Danish-taught courses
Some Danish-taught courses are open for international students. Non-Nordic students who wish to attend courses taught in Danish can apply for a dispensation from the official language requirements. To apply for the dispensation, students are required to submit a letter from their home university which states that the student is able to actively attend and participate in courses as well as pass exams conducted solely in Danish.

Some courses taught in Danish require non-Nordic students to have passed Studieprøve in Danish. Find more information on the individual courses available to exchange students in

Please note that Nordic students do not need to apply for a dispensation from the official Danish language requirements.

English-taught courses
Find information about proof of English proficiency here:











To take a full course load at the Faculty of Law, students must have completed at least 3 semesters of study in Law at their home university.

Not open to Nordlys students.







Students nominated on an agreement established between your home faculty/department/college and the Faculty of Science must take at least 22.5 ECTS per semester at the Faculty of Science. 

All departments: Check the course database for the academic requirements of the specific course.

Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports: Only a few courses offered within Sport Science in English.

Options and restrictions for bachelor students
The Faculty of Science offers a limited amount of bachelor level courses taught in English. However, bachelor students who have completed 2 years of full-time university level coursework (corresponding to 120 ECTS) are allowed to register for Master level courses if they meet the recommended academic qualifications of the course.

Research Projects
If you plan to do your thesis or a research project, you must adhere to the rules of either an Individual Study or MSc Research Project. The rules can be found here. Please take note that there are certain rules concerning e.g., duration/start and end date, supervisor, number of ECTS, etc.











Students nominated on an agreement established by one of the departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Economics, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology or Political Sciences) must take at least 22.5 credits per semester within the Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Economics: Requires an academic background corresponding to at least 30 ECTS within microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics at introductory and intermediate levels.
  • Global Development: Not open for Erasmus students.
  • Political Science: Requires an academic background in all Political Science subfields (political theory, international relations, comparative politics, public policy, and political science methodology) at introductory and intermediate  level.
  • Psychology: Requires at least the equivalent of 30 ECTS credits in psychology. To be accepted at Master’s level, you must have passed the equivalent of 90 ECTS credits in psychology.
  • Security Risk Management: Open for master’s students within Political Science, Economics, Psychology and Sociology.
  • Social Data Science: Not open for Erasmus students.
  • Sociology: Requires one course in Social Science Theory, one course in Statistics, and one course in social science research methods.
























  • African Studies: open for master students or students who have passed more than 120 ECTS credits.
  • Interreligious Islamic Studies: Only taught in Danish
  • Religious Roots of Europe: not open for Erasmus students.