Master of Science (MSc) in Environment and Development – University of Copenhagen

Master in computer science at the University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Environment and Development (formerly Agricultural Development)

Do you want to fight poverty through sustainable development? Do you want to do this in the rural realities of the Global South? And do you want to make positive changes together with and for the people living there? 

The programme is offered in English.


We approach problems with a foot in each camp — we use both social science and natural science to understand the problems.

Lisa, MSc student, Environment and Development

This MSc programme will teach you how to merge social and natural sciences — in practice and in theory. This way you will reach a holistic and realistic understanding of critical aspects of agricultural development – from soil fertility management to rural livelihood strategies.

You will become an expert on natural resources and understanding the social conditions necessary for sustainable development. This will enable you to empower and make a real difference to people who want it, need it and live it.

The programme provides you with an interdisciplinary approach and with scientific and practical knowledge about pressing contemporary challenges regarding food security, livelihood challenges, land governance, and environmental conservation.

"And Copenhagen … well, it speaks for itself. I love it here! The community and the city is the best.”

Eden, MSc student, Environment and Development

The two-year programme practices field-based and research-based learning. You will do fieldwork for up to 9 months during your studies, and the data you collect will be used in actual research. The rest of the time you’ll be a part of an international, free and informal study environment based in cool, urban Copenhagen.

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