Students with disabilities

Students enrolled in a full degree programme at the University of Copenhagen can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS) if they suffer from a documented disability and require special support in order to undertake their studies.

What is SPS?

Special Educational Support (SPS) provides compensatory support for full degree students with physical or psychological disabilities, giving them the opportunity to undertake their studies on equal terms with other students.

Who can receive support?

The target group for Special Educational Support is broad and includes individuals with hearing and vision problems; reading and writing problems (dyslexia); and psychological, neurological, and physical disabilities. To receive Special Educational Support, you must also fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be accepted into a full degree programme
  • Your disability must be long-term
  • You must have formal documentation of your diagnosed disability (for example, from a specialist physician, etc.)
  • You must be an active student

Note! Students in Open Education Master’s or diploma programmes and Ph.D. programmes are not eligible for SPS.

What kinds of support are available?

The kinds of support available depend on your type of physical or psychological disability. To learn about the options available to you, please contact the University of Copenhagen SPS unit at

Accessibility – Assistance for physically handicapped students

If your mobility is limited by a disability and you have questions concerning the University of Copenhagen’s physical accessibility, you can contact the University of Copenhagen’s accessibility advisor Lotte Pehrsson, e-mail:, tel. +45 51 48 93 86.

Before contacting the advisor, we suggest that you get in touch with the contact person at your faculty in order to discuss what possibilities for assistance are in place. You may also ask your faculty contact person to contact the advisor for you.

Special Dispensation

If you suffer from a documented disability that prevents you, for example, from taking exams on equal terms with other students or completing your studies within the prescribed time period, you are able to apply for dispensation for:

  • special conditions during your exams
  • exemption from student activity requirements
  • exemption from maximum study period requirements.

Note! If you are an international student, please be aware that extension of your study period is not guaranteed if you hold a scholarship or study in a fixed programme.

Applications for dispensation must submittet to the board of studies in your department  or faculty at UCPH. Before submitting your application, we suggest that you get in touch with the relevant person at your faculty in order to receive advice on your options as well as the application process – for example, not all study programmes require that you apply for dispensation in order to receive extra time for your exam.

Advice and assistance outside the university

The University of Copenhagen can assist you in numerous ways, and we will do all we can to help you. There are, however, some issues for which we cannot provide solutions at this time. For information about assistance available outside UCPH, please contact the SPS unit at